CPHP evaluates any health issue including medical, psychiatric, emotional problems or situational stresses. A client is provided a Clinician and Psychiatrist who will manage their case during the course of their involvement with CPHP. The initial intake evaluation by CPHP will take approximately 2.5 hours.

Components of a CPHP evaluation:

  • An electronic questionnaire (inclusive of health history)
  • A full psychiatric assessment by a Medical Director
  • Execution of materials such as releases, confidentiality agreement

CPHP assessments take place over time, typically 30-45 days but potentially up to 90 days (if an extended evaluation is warranted) and may involve multiple phone interviews with collateral sources, other data collection such as laboratory or further medical testing, gathering any additional collateral information, appointments with CPHP, and/or referrals for outside evaluation or testing.

CPHP provides evaluations for aging physicians and physician assistants as well.  Our evaluations have considered ALL health conditions, including the affects of aging since 1986.  Find a flyer about this type of evaluation below, or you may call our offices to find out more.

Aging Evaluation Flyer

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