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What is Safe Haven?
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Who does CPHP serve?

CPHP serves physicians, residents, medical students, physician assistants and physician assistant students with health problems, including medical conditions, psychiatric illnesses, substance abuse, and/or personal problems such as family difficulties, stress or career issues.

Can CPHP take anonymous referrals?

CPHP accepts anonymous calls but CPHP lacks the ability to mandate someone to CPHP. Despite this fact, CPHP will gladly assist you in exploring your options. If you have more questions concerning anonymous referrals, please contact a CPHP clinician at 303-860-0122.

If I go to CPHP, will the Colorado Medical Board (CMB) know?

No. CPHP is an independent agency of the Colorado Medical Board (CMB) . The CMB only knows an average of 20% of all cases at CPHP. The cases that are known to the CMB are primarily referred by the CMB to CPHP for evaluation. Even in situations in which the CMB is involved and CPHP must send a report to the CMB, CPHP furnishes only information that is necessary for the CMB to carry out its mission and function. CPHP receives referrals from a wide variety of referral sources and the CMB is one of those sources.

CPHP's policies and operating procedures regarding confidentiality are based on state and federal laws. In order for any information to be released, the participant must sign a consent form. As with any organization or provider of mental health related services, state and federal law require CPHP to take the necessary steps to ensure safety. That is, if an individual presents a danger to self or others, breaking confidentiality may be necessary and in some cases, considered mandatory by law.

What is the cost?

CPHP is a nonprofit independent organization. CPHP's direct services are free to Colorado licensed physicians and physician assistants. Residents, medical students and physician assistant students may also be eligible for free services through contracts between CPHP and various Colorado based training programs. Participants are responsible for costs of any additional evaluations and treatment.

How long does a CPHP evaluation take?

Typically, CPHP evaluations take place over time, typically 30-45 days but potentially 90 days (if an extended evaluation is warranted). CPHP is aware and understanding of the timeline often associated with residents/workplaces, such as probation or contact renewal. We are committed to working with the physician and referral party to complete these evaluations in a timely manner.

How do I verify a client's participation with CPHP?

Due to CPHP's confidentiality policy, CPHP will not release information about clients without written consent from the CPHP participant. If you would like to verify a client's involvement with CPHP, please contact the CPHP client and request they complete a CPHP’s Release of Information Form.

Who do I talk with about a potential referral or about a physician who has been formally referred to CPHP?

The best and primary contact for you is the CPHP Clinician. The Clinician can answer referral questions and discuss the evaluation status of a client. The Clinician will not be able to discuss a client’s case with you unless that client has signed a Release of Information form to allow this communication.

How do I obtain a credentialing and status report on a CPHP client?

CPHP will provide a credentialing and status report to agencies with the proper release of information and receipt of associated fees. Please call CPHP and ask to speak with a Clinician or view our website for more information on how to request a report. For more details on CPHP’s Formal Workplace Referral Process, please see our website at

What is Safe Haven?

Physicians and Physician Assistants who are applying or reapplying for a Colorado Medical License or Colorado Physician Assistant License have the opportunity to allow certain medical and/or psychiatric matters to remain unknown to the Colorado Medical Board under specific conditions.

There are questions in the application and reapplication for licensure that pertain to one’s medical/psychiatric health. These questions are related to matters like substance use, mental health disorders and cognitive matters. The choices available in answering these questions, are to answer "Yes" and acknowledge that one has a medical or psychiatric condition or to answer "No", denying that conditions like this exist.

If a person is "Known to CPHP", meaning that CPHP has been informed of the health matter/s, the applicant has attended an initial appointment with CPHP for the behavior or condition and there is compliance with all of CPHP’s requirements for evaluation, treatment, and/or monitoring, the applicant may answer "No" to this question. This allows certain personal health matters to remain unknown to the Colorado Medical Board.

This "safe-haven" is a significant benefit to Colorado applicants and re-applicants. This provision encourages individuals to proactively seek and receive the healthcare they need, confidentially, while receiving enough oversight from CPHP that the Colorado Medical Board can be comfortable patient safety is ensured in the absence of knowing the applicant’s personal healthcare information.

This "safe-haven" only applies to your application with the Colorado Medical Board (CMB), not hospital/credentials applications or to other state applications for medical licensure.

This "safe-haven" does not apply to any legal issues, only to one’s medical/psychiatric health.

Safe Haven Explanation


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