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The following information is provided as a summary of The Colorado Physician Health Program’s (CPHP) policies and procedures about confidentiality. Specific questions about confidentiality should be directed to the Director of Clinical Services or the Executive Director.

Maintaining participant confidentiality is an integral element of the Colorado Physician Health Program (CPHP). CPHP operates under very strict guidelines pertaining to confidentiality. CPHP has structured the confidentiality policies after 42 CFR, Part 2 guidelines. These guidelines, which pertain to cases involving drug or alcohol use, are the strictest confidentiality guidelines that can legally be followed.

CPHP does not (with rare exceptions regarding safety) disclose the identity or information about any current or former participant without a written release of information. CPHP maintains records on participants by code number; thus appointment schedules, file folders, etc. are recorded by number. This number is used in lieu of a client name to assure anonymity within the program. Any identifying information is kept in locked files. Only CPHP staff are aware of the individual identify of a participant. Staff members sign a formal confidentiality agreement that specifies the confidentiality requirements and imposes consequences should a breach occur. CPHP participants are not identified to the CPHP Board of Directors.

Formal Referrals & Confidentiality

A party making a referral will not receive feedback about CPHP’s interaction with the referred participant unless that participant signs a release of information. CPHP will not contact other parties about a referred participant until written authorization has been granted.

Inquiries and Credentialing Requests

If CPHP receives a third-party request (ex. hospital medical staff office, HMO’s, workplaces, etc.) seeking verification and/or status of a participant, the participant must give written authorization prior to the 3rd-party receiving any information. The CPHP staff will not confirm knowledge of the participant (even if the participant has self-disclosed CPHP involvement to the third party) until authorization has been obtained from the participant. Please see the Report Request Form.

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